Stratad's Strategic Advisory Services is a professional advisory consultancy cooperation entirely owned by a body of independent analysts. We offer a flexible and wide-ranging package. Our aim is to offer independent solutions, which are tailored specifically for our clients. Business and international trade is a key proponent of our organization.  


Our strength is in the following areas: business and management consultation, international trade, telecommunication and multimedia, political and economic development, banking and finance, healthcare, bio-tech, e-commerce & e-learning, agri-business, environment and energy, military and defense, security management, electronics and automation, market research, event and forum management. Stratad will also undertake services other than that listed above, should our clients require it.


Clients seek out our combined knowledge skills, communication and productive expertise when faced with a wide range of requirements. We represent a kaleidoscope of international companies, who aspire to penetrate into the Asia Pacific Region with the confidence of securing a prospective foothold in this region with minimal risk.


Our experienced and superb staff - each commands invaluable experience in the various fields. We possess in-depth area knowledge and personal contacts in virtually every sector. We work in many languages and adaptable to many cultures. Moreover, as an entirely consultant-owned concern, we render advice independently of manufacturers' vested interest. Our methodologies are thorough, balance, deliberate, proven and cost-effective. Our discretion is absolute.


Stratad was set up to provide Finnish related industries, consultation in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific and hence to protect their interest in foreign markets especially here in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. One special characteristic of Stratad networks for the Finnish ICT sectors is our networks and cooperation partners with science parks and universities in Finland. Close cooperation with these ICT science parks offers young enterprises a possibility to become a part of the significant potential in the Asean Region. Finnish companies work with us in their internationalization process within this region.


Stratadís cross-border policy also provides consultancy services for foreign countries and this includes the new 10 EU countries that have joined the European Union recenty seeking market, business, economic, political and defense sectors in Malaysia and including the Asean Region for International Trade. Our aim is to provide European companies and the new emerging economies consulting advisory services that they can rely on and to be sure of their interest being protected. Stratad will act as your local Consultant in sectors that are off particular interest to an individual country as well.


Stratad also provides the same services to Malaysian based companies seeking opportunities and inroads in the international arena.


Stratadís commitment to small and medium-sized entreprises and industries (SME and SMI), is to assist these companies with solution providers, facilitate networks and to develop them to compete in the regional and global markets.