Stratad Asia Pacific Strategic Centre is a private independent research organization for the promotion of International Studies and is dedicated to broadening the knowledge and understanding of complex international and domestic issues and events. The Centre is a division of Stratad Sdn.Bhd. and is constituted as company Private Limited within the laws of Malaysia. Stratad Sdn. Bhd. is a consulting company representing business interest from Finland / European Region and the Asia-Pacific in International Trade and Relations and as forth derives some monetary funding from the company.


The Centre organizes conferences and forums and through its independent analysis and advice, Stratad promotes informed debates on the nature of international developments and also assess emerging trends, to help shape a more forward-looking approach to issues of vital long-term importance to the International Global community.


The Centre concentrates in areas of Political Science, International Relations, Economic, Social, and Defense/Military as well as in the area of Counter Terrorism.


The Centre provides an organizational vehicle for students and scholars. However it does not itself advocate specific policies or attempt to influence legislation.


The Centre offers consulting services to international and local enterprises and governmental organizations in creating and engaging in the knowledge-based, global environment.