Stratad Global Resources is an International Trading arm of Stratad Sdn.Bhd. The company is engaged in export and import of commercial goods. SGR is engaged in the promotion of its products to its International and Domestic market.


Stratad Trading House has been introduce for our international clients as they were comfortable working with our companies consulting division and therefore the birth of credibility arose for our commitment to provide quality products that our clients entrust upon us. This also came in the light of local companies seeking our expertise in the international arena.


We have direct connections with major manufacturers and trading companies in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Finland and Europe. We possess proven skills to negotiate prices, conditions and terms with product manufacturers and dealers.


Stratad Global Resources is a General Trading house due to the structure of Malaysiaís economy during the late 90ís. Its development status and the growing demand for consumer and commercialized products, SGR was able to meet the customerís needs due to the General Trading activities pursued.